The colours, scale and nature of the landscape provide a constant source for my image making. The paintings are the amalgamation of the remembered, the fleetingly observed and the emblematic motifs imprinted on the retina.

The paintings (using oil and acrylic) are constructed using layer upon layer of thin colour that produce an intensity of pigment or create ambiguous veils of paint that vaguely describe the subject. Often painted over a coarse textured ground, layers of paint are added and subsequently removed generating a rich patination of surface.

“He works paint into multilayered and complex surfaces, where, through repeated attention, seeks to reveal a critical moment of harmony. This approach finds dramatic effect even in the smallest of works, where, through mixing colour directly onto the painting, hues and tones emerge, appearing to have almost seeped out of the environment and into the surface of the painting.”
Gill Hobson, artist and writer


Contact: 01652 660380

Email: info@richardhatfield.co.uk